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I recently tried to download an iso for windows xp from your website. However i inadvertently pressed on a wrong green box and got pulled into a fraudulent game provider. This resulted in charges to my credit card that were caught by the credit card provider and flagged as FRAUD. I know this was a stupid on my part, but i just wanted to draw it to your attention. i have emailed the fraudulent game providers at this address: and

Thanks for informing us @davee51. I’m sorry to hear about your loss of money.

Users should be warned that Google Ads or other large pop-ups which may appear in the left-sidebar or the top of the Download page have the potential to take you to dodgy sites.

They have no affiliation with ISORIVER - they are provided by a 3rd-party vendor and cannot be controlled by the webhost of ISORIVER. As a result, I’m afraid we cannot refund you.